Thursday, April 15, 2010


biochem oral tadi. ala carry mark 5% je for final.
just feel unsatisfied with the oral session just now

the session went like :

me : assalammualaikum Doctor Wafa' .. hehe
Dr.Wafa' : aiwa nabilah...come happy to see you !!
me : oke...
Dr Wafa ' : how are you??
me : urkk...nervous (my throat dried) i mean great....hehe
Dr Wafa' : Nabilah.what is a nucleotide ??
me : umm....chop Dr..i know this..oke consists of three things making up this nucleotide which are sugar,phosphate group..and......
Dr.Wafa' : purine??
me : yah ! and purine um it can also be a pyrimidine..
Dr.wafa : oke give me the function of nucleotide ?
me : there are several are the monomeric units of nucleic acid,act also as a coenzyme,mediators cyclic-AMP,and as an intermediate..
Dr. Wafa ' : what is a replication fork??
me : .... ah..Dr i know strands seperating and new strands are formed..
Dr.Wafa ' : by using ??
me : oh DNA Helicase.

she ended there.Fuihh.. still cuak..coz dia tanya sikit.yang orang lain dalam bilik tu dia tanya banyakk..
but anyhow.,Thank God.

So how was it ??

my point of view :
xde persediaan, tak percaya pada diri, overthinking,
(yalah bace malam tu jugak kott..hehe)big stuff is totally because of being toooo nervous ..
tak tahu final nanti cuak mcm mne

aku lupa pula aku ada janji ngan Lala and Afaf and AJK Jaulah lain untuk ke GAD coz Abg Nafis nak belanja.
hehehe.kena marah nnti dgn diorng ..ok gtg.

kick your nervous OUTT !!!

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