Friday, June 25, 2010

Michael Jackson,I guess It is Better On the Other Side

"alone alone alone !!! "
yeah.that was me.singing 'You are Not Alone' back sorry.I cant remember..horrible?? well thank you (i know Michael sang it of course thousand times better than me) :p.but thats the only word i know (at that time of young age) and i kept repeating it again and again after my very first time heard that song..

look.i know its been a year that Michael Jackson hv passed away.but,i swear that i cant leave any of his songs i guess it is true that people around the world remember and appreciate him more after his gone..well,i've grew up with his songs without even realising it.thanks to my father..

The Love You Save
I Want You Back
Rocking Robbin
Dancing Machine
I'll Be There

hmm well actually i dont even really know that these songs i've listed were be honest! i was just too small back then to admire big celebrities except for those power rangers and 3 Ninja (Rocky,Colt and Tum Tum).....*gosh! if i hve knew earlier i must have heavily and totally fallin for Michael :)

i know..a big hair with such a big heart.Jackson's brothers... :)

i still remember on the 25th of June 2009,after i've done with my pre-medic course.(i know,i just cant help to get my arse out early from UPM)

on my way to my aunt's place
me : ahah!! another Michael's songs??whats up with the radioman?cant have enough of Jackson's???
Abah : yalah..most of the songs in my time are evergreen.let it be..(and he cant stop singing The Girl Is Mine)
me : cehhh~(i closed my eyes and started imagining,Michael and Paul Mc Cartney fighting over a girl.and ahhh..that girl sure is very lucky to have both big stars chasing for her.ouh such a crap.i mean the girl *jealousy strikes)

we arrived quite late because we were touring round old hometown full of nostalgic,my family and i slept over at my aunt's place.i woke up early because my cousin called and asked me whether am i watching the went like :

cousin : halo halo..nabila ~!! sorry i havent yet brush my teeth,but ive got news for you !!
me : what news?? im richer than Oprah??thats the news?better be..haha
cousin : woit ! day dreaming some more?? haiyo~ Michael Jackson is dead.officially dead..
me : .....oh.well.thnx for the news. (i hung up without saying goodbye.i was pretty shocked thats why)

so,i'll just going to make this post short.Then early that evening after visiting some of my close relatives,we went straight back to JB...and the radioman still discussing about Michael's controversial death and still airing Michael's songs..

i dont know why.but i cant barely hear it.and i started crying all the way back to JB .im still shocked and disbelieved As soon as i reached JB.i started to browse and download evrything (Michael's songs,videos,his moonwalk,photos etc).I even make a wall for his posters and stuff.

Smooth Criminal
Someone's Watching Me
Beat It
Billie Jean
Wanna Be Starting Something
Shake Your Body
They Dont Really Care About Us
You Are Not Alone
Heal The World
I Just Cant Stop Lovin' you
* there are too many to list em all..*

But now he is gone,gone too soon yet i hope gone for good...i mean let him free and may he forever be in is better for him to go because i know there is no one's love better than HIS love ....Only God knows what Michael's been trough.NOW...I,you,us can't do anything except to keep our faith up high and never give up praying..For a better world , a better place , and a better love....


Beloved Michael Jackson in Memory
1958 - 2009

ps : read this Michael's HERE
*damn.i cry again reading this part :
If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same,
then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.

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