Sunday, May 23, 2010

phewwhh..what a day !!!

yesterday was the event.PeriL Histology..thank GOD everything went okay..

i'd love to put the things i want to say in a point form as it will be much easier to read..(cheitt..padahal paling benci buat karangan :P)

oke so.ini apa yang terjadi semalam :
  • bangun2 je tengok ramai yang buzzed aku asking about the PeriL thingy..(urghh i guess i did'nt promote the event well.muhasabah muhasabah).so.i started replying..and buat sedikit promo murahan d status ym : "IF MAHU BERJUMPA MAYA (ADAMAYA) datang lah PeriL Histology hari ini !! "..i dont know what i was thinking LMAO :D
  • dalam tengah check email,ummi sent me the list of the student yang register..i thought it was the registration punya kerja.i was ike.."ocay ta pe.aku print jap "dgn sabar nya..tengok2 ink pula habis.."ocay i'll print it belakang gamaah while im on my way to gamaah"
  • sebelum itu : aku check with the rest of the team .makanan (cater),registration,the presentors,dr Naglaa confirmation of coming.and thought of not going to be a problem.
  • on my way to gamaah ( jalan seorang diri sebab nak cepat.takut lambat nak tggu yang lain),aku terkejut terjumpa kucing m*ti..i was so shocked that i stop and give a moment of peace. and started walking again..
  • suddenly ustaz called : saying
ustaz :ustaz dah ada kat blkg gamaah tapi ta boleh masuk.mereka (guard ) nak surat..
me : huh?? surat sejak bila pula orang arab nih systematic ustaz?? oke ta pe.harap ustaz boleh tggu sekejap.saya nak sampai dah..
ustaz : oke,ada orang ta dgn kamu?sbb nak angkat makanan ni semua..
me : erkk..ta de.tapi diorang dlm perjalanan kott.. ( i was like.damn.oke,lets make it possible)

aku terjumpa maryam and miza.thanks to them.segan juga nak jumpa ustaz.
nak di pendek kan cerita..

  • aku jumpa guard : the conversation went like ..
me : salam.. ( i smiled )
guard : salam ( he smiled )
me : hehe engilisi??
guard : la' ( yakni, " hell no !!" )
me : ocay could you let my friend in??just for a while (i said it in arabic,but mmg terabur lah tata bahasa ) LOL :D
guard : oke ! but give me a letter.whats your name?? (dalam arab ye tuan puan)

haish kau ni nak letter tp sempat lagi tanya nama dasar unprofessionally miang.
nak saja aku jawab "ask me that question in formspring."

me : nur so can you let us in?? (cheit ingat drama nurkasih ker ??) just for a can escort us if you want..
guard : mesyi !! ( it means, " ocay ")
me : phewwhhh ~ :P

  • ustaz tergelak bila dapat tahu boleh masuk : " boleh pula masuk.hahaha oke2 .."
  • lega soal makanan da selesai : tapi aku terfikir siapa nak angkat makanan bnyak2 nih ?? 180 pax..hadoi...should be org lain yang urus nak comment banyak.nasib ada ramai akhwat lain yang were willing to help..esp my housemates.THANK YOU!!!
  • so i checked the pendaftaran team (thank you so much for helping !!),the MC , the chief,the presentors,the slides.everything was under control .special thanks to everybody to make it on time..semua kerja aku dah selesai : cuma tinggal Dr Naglaa to arrive.
  • suddenly,i saw Dr.Rusydi .. i was like (alamak senior..cuaknya segannya.abg rusydi pula tu.) i smiled and asked him if he wanted to deliver a speech or something (easy saying : his touch lahh) to all ..
  • so credit and a lot of thanks to him : he did willing to deliver a speech. he is sure really i said kesungguhan .. everyone getting motivated !! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!
  • Dr Naglaa : aku saygg sgt dkt dia..i got this great first impression at her masa first time tengok dia. masa periL duduk sebelah dia before she starts her session she whispered .. "i love you,because you always smile .. " and i just cant stop smiling. :)
so time aku bagi token of appreciation.i just cant help to hug i hugged her and thanked her so much..i escorted her way out ,then she said .."i cant express my feeling know when somebody hugged me like that.i just dont know how to express happy .im happy." she fall into tears a little but trying hard to hide it. im speechless (dalam hati tuhan je tahu how i appreciate it ) was sure a tiring day yet eventful day !!!!
satu lagi pengalaman yang aku dapat duduk di Tanta ni..
i know GOD is teaching me,readers should think about the hikmah in every situation happened in your life..
.and I'm Thankful.

"My Mama always said "Life was like a box of chocolates-you never know what you're gonna get " - Forrest Gump 94'

ps : semalam juga last ustaz nazrul bagi kelas
( i mean dia nak balik malaysia kahwin.he'll be back iA..)

haish.....selamat lah tu.. :P


budak said...

it was a success yesterday..
congrats to u n ur team..

actually it was much better than the anat PERIL on the other day..

coz the audience or so called participants r well behaved n the condition n situation inside the hall r brilliantly controlled n handled..

again,good job n syukran to u n ur team

bello said...

melambung puji tu.. hehe
thanks to the team and the participants..THANK YOU SO MUCH !!
Moga kullu2 MUMTAZ .. :D

ALL THE BEST budak !! :)

shakir kamaruddin said...

congratz...dgr cite u yg handle peril histo..

bello said...

credit to abg Rusydi..
sumpah dia cool !! :D