Saturday, May 15, 2010

rude Egyptians.

oh God..
i think it was yesterday that i post something good/great about Egypt.
ALLAH nak tunjuk kot yang not all egyptians are good. !!!

i really dont know how to express it.malas nak cerita.but ya.what i can say is.dont ever think of being TOO good to Egyptians..

bello.somethings happens for a reason (well trying to make it in a positive way)
pasti ada hikmah (bak kata senior di Tanta ni lah)

oke here are something that might be useful for other akhwat to caution about or some sort of like a protection :

  • pasti kan anda berjalan lebih dari 4 orang (i mean 3 orang dah ta works.believe me! )
  • Dont wear high heals (though if jalan dekat K.L boleh jadi one of the senjata.ini egypt bukan malaysia).
  • pepper spray.perfume also will do (pgg !! jangan letak dalam beg.nnty lambat nak keluar kan)
  • be away from the suspect
  • jalan opposite lane from any suspect.and that suspect could be anyone! (well.muka angel pun ta boleh percaya)
  • make eye contact (ni kira pandangan badi lah).dont smile (buat muka macam pemain rugby ALL BLACKS-garang)
  • if you are holding is better.more secure. (you know what i mean.if ta faham,ask me trough my ym i.d : )
  • get a hold to your self (protect yourself in anyway) dont panic! BE ALERT ALL THE TIME!

Put your trust in Allah and seek strength from Him


Ujang said...

haha. petua menarik.. haha. sila buang "word verification" untuk komen. haha. menyusahkan aku.

bello said...

hahaha tu elak kena spam dok..

Ujang said...

bukan selalu kena spam. haha